Pregnancy Yoga

You’re pregnant, congratulations! Whether you’re new to yoga, a first or fourth time mum, a new journey begins and yoga can support you every step of the way.

Welcome to the roller coaster of emotions and feelings a new life brings starting with pregnancy. The physical and emotional changes are amazing during this time but often daunting and scary too. Yoga is so empowering as it provides a way for you to stay connected to your mind, body and baby within.

Each class provides a flowing yoga sequence, and when needed postures are adapted for pregnancy. The class is done to your bodies own limits. Empowering you to listen to your body and trust what’s right. The physical postures in the class build strength, creates space for you and your baby and stretch tired and tight muscles. We use yoga postures to relieve common pregnancy ailments too.   The classes teach transition moves enabling mums to safely move whilst protecting their spine and abdomen. We bring awareness to alignment and posture and notice where tension and tightness exists.

Weaved through every class is the awareness of the breath, it’s the most special breath, as every mum breathes for them and their baby. We learn specific breathing techniques that can be used during pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond. The breath is the tool that draws our attention into the moment and this is very valuable during labour and birth.

The class ends with relaxation, a moment of space and stillness. Taking time just for you a chance to let go and surrender to the sensations just as they exist.

Everyone from the class, fills their virtual ‘yoga kit bag’ with movements, breathing techniques, transition moves and meditations that you take from the class and carry everywhere to use at any time in life.

I’m a qualified yoga and pregnancy yoga teacher and have experienced my own pregnancy and birth, twice.   I am honoured to play a small part in your amazing journey and to support women during this time.

Classes are £10 and will run in 4 weekly blocks with full payment taken at the start of each block.  If you’re 35+ weeks you don’t need to pay for the full block and can pay drop in rate of £12.

Classes are held in The BareFoot Sanctuary, North Berwick Monday 1930 – 2045

All levels of yoga experience are welcome and supported. Suitable from 12 weeks onwards.