Mum and baby yoga

Congratulations your baby has arrived and a mother has been born, now what!! :O) Welcome to life with your new addition. The ups and downs of caring and nurturing this tiny life. Having experienced the early years, it’s hard. Full of moments to treasure and also long nights, worry and just not sure if you’re doing it right. Your time is different now and life is changing to adapt to your new baby.

Post natal yoga, is a lovely class where we practice yoga with your baby. There are no expectations and anything goes. We practice in a cosy space and you’re supported to do what you need to for you and baby. Crying, feeding and changing bums is part and parcel of the class. Sometimes you may do lots of yoga and other days you might be feeding non stop but there is always the space to breath and just that can lift your day, energise and support you as mother.

Classes follow a gentle yoga flow focusing on areas of tightness e.g. shoulders, lower backs. Using gentle but effective breathing to strengthen and tighten the abdominal muscles that were stretched during your pregnancy.

We practice sounds and deep breathing both of which are calming to mum and baby. Breathing helps to connect the mind and body and a give a little moment of space to a very busy time.  Every class includes gentle massage and yoga movements for your baby too.

We start the class with introductions hearing everyone’s news and end with a much needed cup of tea (that you might even finish!) and a biscuit.  I am delighted to provide mum and baby yoga for women, it provides a space for mums to meet and feel supported. It’s an honour and I enjoy seeing the babies grow and the mums relax and friendships blossom.

All levels of yoga experience are welcome and supported.   Suitable from when you feel ready to come to the class following the birth of your baby.

Classes are £10 and will run in 4 weekly blocks with full payment taken at the start of each block.  Drop in rate is £12/class