My Story

My name’s Janet and I founded BubbaYoga in 2011. I never in a million years thought I would teach yoga but an interest in yoga led me to do my teacher training and from there my yoga journey evolved. I originally trained in Hatha yoga and my training and teaching from then on was led by what happened in my own life. Falling pregnant and having two kids the journey took me to train in pregnancy and post natal yoga. I love pregnancy and post natal yoga both provide a wonderful practice during a very special and often challenging time.
I also teach ‘general’ yoga, it’s a mix of hatha, vinyasa and yin yoga if it were to be labeled. My teaching style reflects the training, workshops and classes that I have attended, led by many wonderful teachers. I also teach what feels right in my body and I’m grateful for the chance to pass on the benefits of yoga to students. I really love breathwork (pranayama) and meditation, it’s benefits are wonderful and becoming more widely understood. Our lives are busy, busier than perhaps they have ever been, the yoga class provide a wee bit of space from this and gives perspective of the positive that exists in all of our lives.

My teaching reflects what feels right in my body having worked through injury and illness. I am not naturally flexible and appreciate that people come to yoga with all their history and anatomy and each of us is very different. I often get asked, I am not bendy, can I do yoga?   The answer is yes,  you can. Make the movement yours and enjoy the opening of the body as you work through every class.

Yoga helps make the mind calmer and the body longer and stronger. It brings awareness to your body and mind, to what is already there when you take the time to listen and notice, I love it.